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A gynecological consultation once a year is essential to maintain and protect female intimate health, especially if you are looking to start a treatment for menopause. Dr. Roberto V. Salim provides two types of highly specialized gynecology consultations: the general one, which includes colposcopy and pelvic ultrasound, and the Pap test consultation.

What does your gynecological consultation include?


A Colposcopy is a study in which the cervix or cervix, the vaginal walls, as well as the entrance to the vagina can be observed, after cleaning it with acetic acid, so that possible precancerous lesions can be detected. Thanks to this procedure, Pap smears or biopsies can be performed with greater accuracy, and the advantage is that it does not cause pain or bleeding, since it is done in a few minutes and does not require hospitalization.

Pelvic Ultrasound

This study, also known as a Pelvic Echogram or Pelvic Ultrasound, is used to examine the uterus and ovaries and, in the case of pregnancies, to monitor the development of the fetus.


There are two ways to do it: transabdominal route and transvaginal route.

pap smear

It is also known as Vaginal Cytology, and is performed to detect changes in the cervix, such as infections or abnormal cells that can become cervical cancer.


Each consultation includes Colposcopy and Pelvic Ultrasound for $1,200. The Papanicolau has an additional value of $300

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